“I Was Willing to Die for My Family” – Armed LA Father Flips the Tables on Masked Intruders Threatening Him and Trying to Break into Home with his Wife and Baby Inside (VIDEO)

Credit: KABC Screenshot

Los Angeles, California – A pair of masked intruders got more than bargained for after picking the wrong man to mess with Saturday night around 7:30 P.M.

As KABC reported, one of the thugs raced up and put a gun to the back of a loving father and husband just as he was about to walk into his home, which is located in the affluent Mid-City neighborhood.

But just when one thinks the thieves have the upper hand, they get a nasty surprise when the dad pulls out his gun and opens fire.

The video captured by KABC shows the father walking to the front door while grabbing for his keys. Then, two intruders jump at the gate.

One intruder races up to the front door. The homeowner then tosses his tea at him, pulls out his gun, and starts shooting at both suspects.

The two masked thugs split as one fires back at the homeowner. The father then follows one suspect, who hops over the side fence, while the other hops over the front gate and runs away.


The man relived his harrowing experience with KABC. He told them that while there was nothing of material wealth worth dying for in his home, he was willing to lay down his life for his family.

I guess they decided to try to come at me and come in the house but I have a five-month-old baby and a wife and a nanny in the house and that wasn’t going to happen.

There was nothing in my house that was worth dying for. But I was willing to die for my family.

The father and husband told the news outlet that “out of nowhere,” he felt someone behind him put a pistol to his back. One can say the man was not only incredibly courageous but fortunate as well because the robber could have easily pulled the trigger before he had a chance to grab his firearm.

Out of nowhere I felt someone run up behind me, put something to my back, put a pistol to my back and somebody running up.

The family filed a report with the LAPD’s Olympic Division following the disturbing attack. The homeowner said the armed thugs are living on borrowed time.

It’s a matter of time before these people get caught. I think they should just pick a new career before they do end up in jail.


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