“I Couldn’t Resist that Little Baby!”- Joe Biden Wanders Off Stage and Makes Beeline for Infant During Campaign Event in Arizona (VIDEO)

Joe Biden wanders off stage and approaches a little baby who appears disturbed. Credit: Reuters

Joe Biden had an incredibly creepy moment even by his standards during a campaign event Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona.

The White House occupant was visiting the Grand Canyon State to persuade Hispanics to support him in the fall over Trump. The Gateway Pundit previously revealed Trump is now leading Biden among Hispanic voters in some polls.

As Fox News reported, Biden was standing behind his campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez during the Latinos for President Biden rally at a Mexican restaurant called El Portal when he noticed a little baby in the audience.

While Rodriguez was delivering her opening remarks, Biden suddenly walked off the stage and made a beeline for the infant.


He proceeded to plop himself down next to the baby and his mother. Fox News reported Biden was then seen touching the baby boy and asked the mom “how old” he was.

When Biden finally returned to the stage, he offered this gross explanation for his behavior:

Well, folks, I have to tell you straight up. I like you all, but I couldn’t resist that little baby!

This is far from the first time Biden has misbehaved toward little children. For example, he nibbled on the shoulder of a little girl in Finland last July who recoiled after Biden tried to kiss her.

There was also a complete montage captured by CSPAN showing Biden touching underage females inappropriately when he was vice president.

If Biden were a Republican, he would likely have been jailed for this behavior. But the rules are different for Democrats.


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