Hundreds Of Illegals Set Up Makeshift ‘Mini-City’ Under Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Illegal immigrants crossing in Texas. Thousands are crossing every day through the open border.

Hundreds of illegal aliens have set up a makeshift city in New York City underneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. This is what years of Democrat, leftist policies get you: a city that is literally becoming a trash pile of chaos.

The illegals are not just living there, but they are also conducting business. They sell food, and general items and even have barber services. A lot of these illegals are living here after leaving a New York City shelter.

The area is littered with garbage while these illegals have put mattresses and tables in between cars as part of their makeshift home. Most of the illegals are from Latin America, or Africans who are fluent in French.

New York Post reported:

More than 200 migrants are living al fresco under stretch of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, setting up a makeshift mini-city with its own bustling nighttime market — where asylum seekers peddle everything from food to haircuts, fed-up neighbors said.

Despite initial efforts by cops and Sanitation workers over the summer to clear out a dozen or so migrants living in tents under the BQE at Park Avenue and Hall Street in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, the spot is now hotter than ever.

Although the tents remain down, migrants continued to flock to the area the past few months after leaving a shelter at 47 Hall Street, a block away, along with others throughout the Big Apple.

“The problem hasn’t gotten any better, it’s gotten worse and continues to get worse,” raged a Clinton Hill dad of two.

“I’d rather see the tents. It literally looks and smells horrible down there now.”

Neighbors that lived nearby complained of the smell of trash and urine. They were frustrated that the city didn’t care about its residents for letting it get so bad.

Well, New Yorkers seem to be voting the same corrupt people into office. They shouldn’t expect anything different.

Homeless encampments are a problem in many cities across the U.S. The Gateway Pundit recently reported about a soccer field in Seattle that was vandalized. A soccer club season was cancelled early do to that and the danger of a nearby homeless encampment.

A soccer field in Democrat-run Seattle serving underprivileged kids was vandalized last week. An unknown person(s) drove around the field, tearing up major portions of the grass. There is an estimated $100,000 worth of damage to the field.

The result was that the soccer club had to cancel the remainder of the season and possibly look for another location for these kids.

What makes it even worse is there is a homeless encampment next to the soccer field which according to the King County Sheriff’s Department has had reports of fires, shootings, and drug overdoses.

Once again, let’s thank the Democrats for another town that they are in the process of destroying.


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