How the Israel-Hamas War Will Impact American Citizens

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War has broken out after Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israeli citizens on October 7, and the conflict continues to intensify.

Now, countries around the world are picking sides, and that’s put two critically important deals in serious jeopardy.

The first is a potential peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia – the most powerful and influential Arab state.

This peace deal would have been a historic step forward for the region and was particularly important to Joe Biden’s presidential legacy.

Now, the Saudi government is under pressure from its Arab citizens to back Hamas, leaving the peace deal with Israel in question.

But there’s another crucial deal that’s also in danger of collapsing…

One that could impact every single U.S. citizen…

And that Joe Biden himself has already attempted to destroy through his own disastrous policy moves.

It’s been called the “Doomsday Deal” – a handshake agreement that guarantees America’s status as the world’s #1 economic and military superpower.

Last year, Joe Biden alone delivered a massive blow to this deal.

And now, with an active war being waged in the region – plus Biden having ZERO power or authority on geopolitical issues – the “Doomsday Deal” will likely be the next to fall.

And that could have drastic implications for every American citizen.

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