HORRIFYING MOMENT: Two Teens Brutally Attack Woman with Down Syndrome, Kick Her in the Head After She Falls to the Ground (VIDEO)

Source: 7News

A shocking incident occurred at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station, where two teenage thugs were recorded attacking a woman who is reported to have Down Syndrome.

The victim was waiting at the busy train station when she was suddenly set upon by the two teenagers, according to Daily Mail.

Witnesses were appalled as one of the girls delivered a savage punch to the woman’s face.

This brutal blow was just the beginning of a series of attacks that unfolded in quick succession.

Another teenager joined the assault, rushing up to the woman and punching her from behind with such force that she was knocked to the ground. As the woman lay defenseless, one of the attackers showed no mercy, delivering a brutal kick to her head.

The brutality of the attack was further underscored by the words of one of the assailants, who was heard saying, “That was the aim, you got what you deserve b****.”

The brutal assault came to an end when an elderly man bravely stepped in.

The disturbing incident was captured on video and was proudly posted on social media.

The distressing video has since gone viral on social media platforms.



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