Hillary Clinton Accuses ‘Forces on the Right’ Of ‘Undermining Democracy’


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Former first lady Hillary Clinton, who has twice run unsuccessfully for the presidency, most recently losing to then-GOP nominee Donald Trump in 2016, made an inflammatory claim about conservatives at an event in Ottawa, Canada, on Friday.

During a three-day Liberal Party conference, Clinton shared the stage at one point with Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, where she claimed that, in the U.S. “forces on the right” are “undermining democracy.” She also warned against dismissing conservative media outlets as the “musing of cranks.”

“I think you have to be highly alert to this. Do not dismiss it as the musing of cranks or the very small groups that rant online or have radio stations that pump up a bunch of nonsense,” Clinton said.


Clinton also accused American conservatives of disregarding “institutions, their dismissal of a free press,” and “their denial of minority rights” — accusations that are absurdly and demonstrably false.

Last month, Clinton raised eyebrows anew when she suggested that she may yet again be interested in running for president a third time next year.

In an interview with Sky News, Clinton predicted that Trump would again capture the GOP nomination but that he won’t be able to defeat President Joe Biden. She then said: “I feel like I could do the job. I’m in my mid-70s. I think it really should be a matter of what he has done as president.”

That said, Clinton has repeatedly claimed she has no interest in running again. But a former top Republican is warning his party to keep an eye on someone else with a familiar name: Michelle Obama.

The wife of the 44th president could very well be lining up for a run next year or in 2028, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).

In an interview last week with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo, Gingrich warned that after the departure of a major figure in his administration, domestic policy adviser Susan Rice — who also served as a ranking member in Barack Obama’s White House — could indicate a return of the former first couple.

Rice announced her departure just a day before Joe Biden announced he was running for reelection, leaving Gingrich to speculate that either the Obamas are set to return or Rice did not want to be a part of Biden’s “kamikaze” campaign.

“Do you believe that Susan Rice leaves the White House the day before Biden makes this [re-election] announcement is a coincidence?” Bartiromo asked Gingrich, according to the Western Journal. “I mean, I feel that this is very significant. I don’t know if she’s going to be managing someone else’s campaign, if she’s going to run to challenge Biden. What do you think is going on here? But clearly, Democrats are divided over Biden’s re-election bid.”

“Well, I think that at a minimum, it probably is a sign that she said, ‘Don’t do it,’” Gingrich said. “And [Biden] said, ‘I’m doing it anyway.’ And I think, she just didn’t want to be a part of a Biden re-election [bid].”

But then Gingrich referenced recent clips of Michelle Obama singing backup on state at a Bruce Springsteen concert and playing the tambourine.

She “recently had 9,000 people at an event with Oprah in Los Angeles,” Gingrich added. “I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama.

“I hadn’t believed that until I saw her on stage with Bruce Springsteen, and I thought, you know, ‘this is not a person who’s hiding,’” he said.

But, in a November 2022 interview, Michelle Obama said “I detest” the thought of running for president. Pressed further on whether she would toss her hat into the ring, she responded very bluntly: “No, I’m not going to run.”


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