Heilemann: Trump Voters Have 'Lack of Energy' — The Movement Isn't What it Once Was

MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann said on Tuesday’s “Deadline” that he believed former President Donald Trump voters have a “lack of energy.”

Heilemann said, “Doing the first three early state primaries which I love, historically love, have done them all, love doing that, love. love. It was so depressing doing these and for a million reasons not just because Trump was going to win and what it said about the Republican Party or that it was a foregone conclusion, but just the lack of energy out in the world. The kind of flaccid acquiescence of everybody out there. You hear about it on the Democratic side. It’s true there are a lot of Democrats not thrilled about Joe Biden, okay, we will go along but we are not loving it. The thing that’s striking about it is more on the Republican side.”

He added, “Just the basic metrics, the yard signs aren’t there and the turnout at the rallies is not great. Yeah, he can still fill an arena but only if he doesn’t do an event in that state for a week and then everybody gets the built up energy so they all show up. The Republican Party, the turnout numbers are one, and his performance is one metric but another metric is it matches perfectly the actual experience of seeing what it’s like out there. A lot of Trump voters, not the hard core base that totally venerate him but a lot of Trump voters are like, ‘Yeah, I guess. I hate Joe Biden so I guess we have to stick with this clown.’ That’s how it is out there. The Trump movement isn’t what it once was.”

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