‘Happy Hunting’: Megyn Kelly Reveals Lawyer-Witness Texts About Willis, Wade Affair


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A Georgia attorney named Terrence Bradley testified on Tuesday regarding the working relationship between Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, who is in charge of the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, and Democratic District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County.

Bradley, Wade’s previous divorce lawyer, declined to respond to some of Team Trump’s questions while testifying. He refrained from speculating and invoked the attorney-client privilege. Bradley stated on Tuesday, “I have no direct knowledge of when the relationship started.”

But in private, Bradley sounds very different, according to text messages that SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly uncovered. What she discovered was a bombshell that has the potential to destroy the case against Trump.

Kelly described “a 180 between this person in these texts and the man we saw on the stand.” According to Kelly, Bradley was privately “offering ideas” and “volunteering information.”

Soon after filing the charges of racketeering against Trump, Willis witnessed the sex scandal rock her office.

Willis’ boyfriend Wade was named special prosecutor in the Trump case by the defense team, according to the accusation. Additionally, they claim she gave Wade enormous sums of public funds, which he utilized to treat Willis to opulent trips.

Wade and Willis both assert that they divided the travel costs, but they haven’t produced any receipts and have only stated that Willis paid “cash.”

Under oath, they both stated that their relationship ended last summer and that they didn’t start dating until the spring of 2022, following his hiring as special prosecutor in November 2021.

One witness, a former colleague and friend of Willis, testified earlier this month in court that she witnessed the two sharing a kiss and an embrace before Wade’s appointment as special prosecutor. On the other hand, the prosecutor has questioned Willis’ veracity.


Currently, it appears that Bradley’s texts support the prosecution’s claim that Willis lied about the timing.

Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer for one of Trump’s co-defendants, was the person Bradley had been texting.

They said —

MERCHANT: I assume you knew about the trips…. wowowoow


MERCHANT: I’m shocked

MERCHANT: Well not really but somewhat

BRADLEY: No I didnt

BRADLEY: When did it happen

MERCHANT: Last trip was this summer

MERCHANT: May or June

BRADLEY: No I didnt know…I was gone by then

BRADLEY: Doesn’t surprise me…they took many trips to Florida



BRADLEY: California

BRADLEY: When she moved her daughter there

MERCHANT: I can’t believe they were sooooo carefree


MERCHANT: They had a full on relationship. Insane

MERCHANT: Just insane

BRADLEY: He went to help her move her [I.e. to move Willis’ daughter to California]

MERCHANT: Why she would hire him is insane


MERCHANT: Like just date / don’t hire him.

Tuesday, Merchant read aloud a text message she had sent to Bradley asking him whether he believed that Willis and Wade had gotten together before Willis hired Wade. Bradley responded “absolutely” in the text.

Bradley told the court he had only been “speculating” when lawyers confronted him on Tuesday regarding a text message he had sent claiming the relationship began when Willis was a municipal court judge.

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Defense attorneys seemed to become more and more irate with him for not providing more information; at one point, Trump’s attorney practically accused Bradley of lying while testifying.

“You do in fact know when it started. And you don’t want to testify to that in court, that’s the best explanation, isn’t it?” Trump attorney Steve Sadow asked. “That’s the true explanation because you don’t want to admit it in court, correct?”

Kelly considered the text messages a game-changer in the effort to remove Willis from the case, even though the text messages hadn’t been written under oath.

“I have here, in front of me the texts. I’ve got 31 pages of the text messages,” Kelly summarized. “I’m sorry, but this is not how someone who knows nothing about an affair sounds. He’s caught. Sorry! Nathan’s caught. Fani’s caught. Terrence is caught, giving it up!”

Watch Kelly’s reaction below:



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