GOP Rep. Roy: Biden Refused to Lift Debt Limit Without Spending Freeze in '84 

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Primetime,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) stated that President Joe Biden’s refusal to negotiate over the debt ceiling “conflicts with everything the President has ever stood for” and noted that as a Senator, Biden opposed debt limit increases without fiscal reforms on multiple occasions and Biden negotiated an agreement on cutting spending in exchange for raising the debt ceiling in 2011.

Roy said, “We’ve sent over cuts that are in this year. Mostly in Washington, they usually put cuts in the out years. And it saves 5 trillion over 10 years, a trillion in year one. And sure, you can debate some of them, but it’s something that would put us on a path to fiscal responsibility. And to say that it shouldn’t be a part of a debt ceiling fight conflicts with everything the President has ever stood for. He said it as a Senator in ’84. He said it as a Senator in [’04]. And in 2011, he negotiated a deal as the Vice President of the United States. So, he’s done it in the past. He’s got to stop listening to his hard-left advisers in the White House, and get back to the Joe Biden that recognizes that you have to sit down with people who just won the election, a Republican House of Representatives.”

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