GOP Rep. Pat Fallon Lays Out Clear-Cut Biden Bribery and Corruption Charges Involving MILLIONS of Dollars – Elon Musk Weighs In – WILL THE MEDIA EVER REPORT THIS? (VIDEO)

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) lays out the undeniable facts of corruption and bribery at the Biden impeachment hearing in Spetember 2023.

On Thursday The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability held its first hearing on the impeachment of Joe Biden.

The three expert witnesses who testified were:

  • Bruce Dubinsky, Founder, Dubinsky Consulting (forensic accountant)
  • Eileen O’Connor, Former Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice Tax Division
  • Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law, George Washington University Law School

The evidence laid out by Republicans was compelling and irrefutable. Joe Biden was selling influence to more than two dozen nations for his own personal gain. This is clearly treasonous activity.

During the hearing Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) weighed in on the clear-cut Biden bribery and corruption charges involving millions of dollars from Ukraine, Russia, China and 18 other countries!

Congressional investigators have already revealed enough bribery charges to impeach Joe Biden and send him and his family members to prison for years. And there is likely just as much yet to be uncovered.

Rep. Fallon laid it all out – something the media will entirely ignore because they cannot refute the clear-cut evidence.

Rep. Pat Fallon: Here’s Joe Biden’s words from August 28, 2019 first of all, “I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything to do with their business.” From September the same year. “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” October, same year, quote, “I don’t discuss business with my son.”

Were Joe Biden’s words true? No, they were false. So why did he lie repeatedly? In an interview back in 2019 with the New Yorker, even Hunter admitted that he talked to his dad about business, specifically Burisma. Many of Hunter Biden’s business associates have testified Joe Biden met with them. Two of the ones closest to Hunter, Rob Walker and Devin Archer were among them. So they not only spoke to, took photos with – They played golf with him. Joe Biden gave them White House tours. He wrote letters of recommendation for their children and shared fancy dinners as well. So let’s also talk about patterns. Yury Luzhkov and Yelena Baturina. They are Russian. They’re married. They were married. Russian oligarch billionaires Michael McFaul, the US. Ambassador to Russia, IDed Lishkov as being corrupt.

Yelena Baturina wires $3.5 million to Hunter Biden. Soon thereafter, who does she have dinner with? Then Vice President Joe Biden. Kenes Rakishev and (former Kazakhstani Prime Minister) Karim Massimov Kazakhstani nationals. Mazimov used to be the prime minister. He’s now in prison. Rakashev wires $142,300 to Hunter Biden. The very next day, Hunter Biden buys a Porsche for $142,300. And then soon after who do you think Kenes Rakishev has dinner with? Say it with me. Then Vice President Joe Biden. Vadym Pozharskyi and Mykola Zlochevsky, the CEO and CFO of Barisma US. Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt calls Zlochevsky a poster child of corruption. Those two fellas paid Hunter Biden’s shell companies a total of $3.3 million. And who do you think Vadym Pozharskyi had dinner with? Again, say it with me all at once. Then Vice President Joe Biden.

So here’s a pattern. You have crooked foreigners that deliver pallets of cash to the Bidens, and then they have dinner with Joe. And apparently, Joe Biden is one hell of an expensive dinner date. And if that’s not selling political access, I don’t know what is. My democratic colleagues report ad nauseam when they talk to the media that there’s no direct evidence linking Joe Biden to his son’s crimes.

Really? This is a FD 1023, which is used by the FBI when confidential informants give them information. This 1023 is only as good as the source. It could be garbage, or it could be gold. The FBI describes this source as somebody that is highly reliable and very trustworthy. In fact, they’ve worked with him for over a decade and paid him well over $100,000. What he has given to them is always checked out. This, ladies and gentlemen, is gold. Consider this with weight and gravity. So what does this say? I don’t know. What the confidential informant’s name is, so I’m going to call him Ivan. Ivan is not his real name. But Ivan describes Vadym Pozhaskyi directly, admitting to him in a confidential conversation that they hired a not so smart Hunter Biden to protect us, quote, through his dad from all kinds of problems. Then Ivan speaks directly to CEO Zlochevsky, and Zlochevsky confides that Hunter Biden will take care of those corruption issues through his dad. Zlochevsky is being investigated by Victor Shokin. A Ukrainian prosecutor, Joe Biden, suddenly begins to call for Shokin’s removal. Now, Ivan is also told by Zolchevsky that it cost him $5 million to pay one biden and 5 million to pay the other.

This is direct evidence of naked corruption and bribery. Zlochevsky also admitted to Ivan that both Bidens pushed him to pay them and to keep Hunter Biden on the board. Please keep in mind these were confidential conversations. Also interesting that Zlochevsky referred to Biden as the “big guy,” and I doubt he knows Tony Bobulinski. Shokin seized two homes, land and a Rolls Royce from Zlochevsky. When he was fired, the Ukrainian president admitted in a phone call to none other than Joe Biden that Shokin didn’t do anything wrong, but at your behest, we fired him. And then a billion dollars of aid that was being withheld was given to Ukraine. And lastly, after Shokin was fired, Hunter Biden and the other members of the Burima board wrote a letter to the new prosecutor demanding that the investigation into Zlochevsky ended. And you know what? Shockingly it did. The message was sent and the Bidens delivered. Mr. Dubinsky, in your experience in financial investigations, you follow the money. If you were investigating this and looking at $5 million payment from Burisma to Joe Biden, what kinds of information or patterns would you be looking for?

This was an explosive testimony that confirms the naked corruption and bribary by Joe Biden and his mob family.

Via Kanekoa the Great.

Elon Musk weighed in on the testimony pointing out that is “Sounds pretty bad.”

It sounds bad to any legitimate businessman who knows this is naked corruption by the Biden Crime Family.


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