GOP Presidential Candidate Perry Johnson Drops Out of Race and Endorses Trump

Michigan businessman Perry Johnson, who at one time was polling higher than Mike Pence and Niki Haley, has suspended his presidential campaign and instead is endorsing Trump for President.

In a series of posts on X, Johnson wrote, “Having suspended my campaign, I am officially endorsing Donald Trump
for President of the United States. We must beat Joe Biden to save this country and Donald Trump is the only candidate who can do it.”

Johnson also noted, “During President Trump’s first term, our nation saw historic peace agreements, no new wars, an economic revival and  forged a new path forward away from corrupt, establishment career politicians.

He concluded his statement by writing, “I supported President Trump in 2016 and 2020, and am proud to offer him my full endorsement once again as he seeks the Republican nomination for President in 2024.”


Johnson, for the most part, has been excluded from mainstream Republican presidential primary polls, but back in March, when he announced his presidential candidacy at CPAC, he garnered 5%.

The businessman from Michigan previously noted he dropped out of the race due to the RNC preventing him from getting on the debate stage with other Republican presidential candidates.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Johnson filed a complaint with the FEC against the RNC and FOX News.

When announcing his filing, Johnson stated, “The corrupt and rigged RNC debate process has been a train wreck from the beginning.”


GOP Presidential Candidate Perry Johnson Files Second FEC Complaint Against RNC and FOX News – Calls for Immediate Resignation of the “Most Unsuccessful and Corrupt Chair in the History of the Republican Party” Ronna McDaniel


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