Golfers Square Off in Melee on Links at Florida Golf Course

Two parties of golf foursomes devolved from duffers to dukers as they launched into a brawl on the tee of course in Lakeland, Florida, and video of the incident has gone viral.

According to the video first posted to Instagram by Ziregolf, the melee developed at Lakeland’s Cleveland Heights Course sometime last week.

An argument seems to have broken out when the rear set of four became upset over how slow the lead foursome was playing.

“There’s a group in front of us. We can’t go any faster,” one man can be heard saying on the video.

When words were spoken, two of the opposing golfers started pushing and kicking at each other, sending their pals to begin confronting the others with jabs, swings, and haymakers.

One man even tried to kick an opponent in the rear end, only to lose a shoe and fall to the ground himself.

The action and commentary caused the video to go viral.

Eventually, a course employee came in to break it all up.

When the course ranger asked what was happening, one of the men replied that the others had “been hitting balls into us all goddamn day.”

But another blasted the employee, saying, “Where the f— you been, ranger?”

To prove they weren’t out of fire, one golfer yelled, “Bring it, bitch!”

There is no word if the police became involved in the incident.

This is not the first time a fight broke out during a golf match.

A fight at a Kansas golf course ended up in bruised bodies and egos when one man began attacking another over lost balls.

But worse, in 2022, a man actually opened fire and wounded a man over a golf course dispute in Delray Beach, Florida.

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