Geraldo Rivera Suffers Verbal Smackdown After Taking Potshot at Trump


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Liberal Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera was torched by fellow contributor and attorney Leo Terrell after the former daytime reality TV host took some verbal jabs at former President Donald Trump following a jury’s ruling on Tuesday.

A federal jury in New York City decided that Trump was not liable for rape in a lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll regarding an alleged incident in the mid-1990s at a department store in the Big Apple, but was liable for sexual abuse and defamation. The former president has been ordered to pay $5 million.

Rivera and Terrell appeared with “The Story” anchor Martha MacCallum to discuss the ruling.

“I don’t know how hindering the impact will be in terms of the election, but the headline, I think, is — the President’s headline is, ‘I’m not a rapist.’ E. Jean Carroll’s headline is, ‘He fondled me, he touched me where he wasn’t supposed to in a sexual manner.’ It was obnoxious and illegal and now he will have to pay the piper, Martha,” Rivera said, appearing to suggest that the case was going to harm Trump’s chances to win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

MacCallum then swung it over to Terrell, who didn’t hold back.


“Probably just the opposite, Martha. You know, as a lawyer of 30-plus years, this woman went around on media, left-wing media, and said she was raped. With the lowest standard of evidence, a preponderance of the evidence, the jury said, ‘No, that’s not true. We do not believe you.’ That’s a major, major concession, and she lost on the — on her biggest claim. The rape charge, she lost with the preponderance of the evidence, lowest standard,” Terrell said.


“I will submit to you, Martha, that Trump supporters are looking at this case as another witch hunt. The totality of all of the civil criminal cases against Donald Trump, for one reason only: They don’t want this man to run for president. They don’t want him to run. And I would submit to you that all this does is enhance his chances of winning in 2024,” Terrell continued.

“The Washington Post poll, the fact that black Americans who supported Biden in the past are now deserting him and moving to the Trump camp, why? Because I’ll submit to you, that people are suffering and hurting in this country under the Biden Administration,” he continued.

“The Biden Administration has been disastrous economically and on a national security level. Trump will appeal this case, Martha. And I’ll tell you right now, it will be resolved. But if anyone honestly believes this will stop President Trump from running for office, you’re wrong. If anyone honestly believes that President Trump will take a dip in the polls, you’re wrong. Trump supporters are loyal and they’ll remain with him until he wins the election in 2024,” he added.

Although Trump announced his intention to appeal the decision before the verdict was announced, constitutional law professor and legal expert Jonathan Turley discussed the case later in the segment, explaining what he sees as the “greatest challenge” the former president will face on appeal.

“That dog won’t hunt. If that’s the argument on appeal, then it’s going to be a rather quick appeal. There are other issues here that he might appeal to. Judge Kaplan was really quite yielding on the demands for witness testimony,” Turley said.

“He allowed in a lot of evidence, including the Hollywood access tape and these other witnesses. Obviously, Trump had never been convicted or found guilty, either criminally or civilly in those cases. So there was a lot of evidence here that the defense could say should not have been brought into the case or should have been handled differently,” he added.

“The biggest problem for the president, I think at trial, and it’s going to be on appeal, is he decided not to testify,” he said, adding juries don’t like that.


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