“Genocide Joe!” – Hundreds Of Pro-Hamas Supporters Gather Outside Biden’s Delaware Home (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday morning. He left to go to his home in Wilmington, Delaware only to find pro-Hamas supporters protesting near his residence.

Hundreds of protestors were holding up signs and accusing Joe Biden of genocide. “President Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” the crowd yelled.

Fox News reported:

President Biden is returning to his Delaware home on Saturday — only a short distance from hundreds of protestors accusing him of genocide.

Biden is returning to his residence in Wilmington after delivering a Veterans’ Day address as the “Delaware Palestine March” commences in the same area.

“President Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” the crowd chanted as protestors began gathering earlier this afternoon.

Protesters are pushing for Biden to push for a ceasefire in Gaza as Israel continues its ground invasion of Hamas-controlled territory.


Additional footage of the protest:

The protestors called Biden, “Genocide Joe!”


Pro Hamas supporters have been causing chaos in numerous states and locations. The Gateway Pundit reported recently of Hamas supporters outside of the White House perimeter starting an insurrection. It begs the question why those thugs are allowed to get away with what they do.

So when do the pre-dawn FBI raids begin for the pro-Hamas insurrectionists?

The DC Police Department earlier this month defended the mob of violent pro-Palestine-pro-Hamas rioters who attacked the White House gates, defaced statues and rushed Secret Service Agents.

“Several minor incidents, including property damage, were reported during First Amendment activity in the District this weekend. There were no major incidents reported,” DC Police said on X.


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