Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 01/23/24 – New Hampshire Primary Chaos: Fake Biden Call Causes Voter Confusion, FBI Censorship Allegations Ahead of 2024 Election, and MORE

It’s not just any ordinary Tuesday in New Hampshire – it’s the state’s primary, and some voters are confused after receiving a fake phone call from someone that reports say sound a lot like Joe Biden, urging people not to vote. Is it AI – and what impact will that have on future elections? Marianne Williamson, 2024 Democratic presidential candidate, and Paul Ingrassia, Author, Paul Ingrassia’s Substack, join Ivory Hecker to get the full story.

Then, alarming claims that the FBI is actively working to censor the upcoming 2024 election. What’s true and what isn’t – and what does it mean for our nation’s future? Former Pentagon Chief of Staff Kash Patel joins the show.

And a massive legal battle between the federal government and the state of Texas gets even more heated after the Supreme Court ruled Joe Biden can continue taking down the border fence. John M. Pierce, Chairman, National Constitutional Law Union joins the show to provide context about what this means for the future of states’ rights.

After Navy SEALS were recently killed in action, President Biden remains silent on the issue – and many are outraged. All this while the J6 Congressional Committee was caught deleting critical files before Republicans assumed the majority role. What’s next on these stories? Owen Shroyer, Host, War Room With Owen Shroyer has the latest with Ivory.

And finally, has California reached a tipping point in its crime levels? Hamburger chain In-N-Out announced it’s closing its a store for the first time in its history due to unmitigated crime levels in Oakland. This while a Texas man was beaten to death, a Philadelphia man was executed by thugs on camera, and Alex Soros suggested on X that crime is the lowest since the 1960s. Sal Greco, a 14-year NYPD veteran, has more.


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