FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Trump Speaks at 40 Wall Street After Engoron’s Ruling Overturned and Judge Sets Trial For April 15 in Stormy Daniels ‘Witch Hunt’, Says “This is All About Election Interference” (VIDEO)

President Trump held a press conference earlier at the Trump Building at 40 Wall St. on Monday to speak out on two New York court hearings in his civil fraud case and the Stormy Daniels hush money case, which happened earlier in the day.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Trump’s court hearings in New York, where Far-left Judge Arthur Engoron’s outrageous $464 million judgment in Marxist AG Letitia James’ civil fraud case was overturned, and Far-left Judge Juan Merchan set the Stormy Daniels hush payment trial for April 15.

President Trump had until Monday to either pay the judgment ordered by Judge Engoron or convince the appellate court to allow him to defer the payment pending appeal. The appellate court intervened on Monday, ruling that Trump can post a $175 million bond and extended his deadline by ten days.

Following the hearing, President Trump gave a statement to the press where he slammed Engoron as a “disgrace to this country,” who has left New York “battered by his decision” to punish and intimidate investors and businessmen.

WATCH: Trump Responds to Appeals Court’s FIFTH Overruling of Judge Arthur Engoron in Civil Fraud Case After Nearly Half Billion Dollar Bond Slashed to $175K: “Judge Engoron is a Disgrace to This Country”


In the Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ case, Trump’s lawyers asked for a 90-day delay so they could pour over the thousands of pages of discovery, but the judge denied their request.

Trump also blasted this case as a witch hunt in remarks outside of the courthouse earlier. “This is a witch hunt. This is a hoax,” Trump said as he entered the courthouse with his attorneys.

President Trump notified his followers of his press conference following both hearings on Truth Social earlier:

Will be having a News Conference at 40 Wall Street at 1 P.M. Thank you!


RSBN reports,

President Donald Trump gave a press conference early Monday afternoon from the Trump Building where he scorched New York Judge Arthur Engoron for being “corrupt” and for continuing to propagate “election interference” in 2024.

“This is ALL about election interference,” Trump told the press.

He arrived at 40 Wall Street in New York just after sitting in for a pretrial hearing in the ongoing “hush money” case overseen by another New York Judge, Juan Merchan. Per CBS, Merchan set the trial date in that case for April 15.

“It’s a shame what’s happening to our country,” Trump continued.

To kick off the press conference, Trump took aim at Joe Biden’s weaponization of justice to interfere with the election, saying,  “This is all Biden run things, meaning Biden in his thugs, because I don’t know if he knows he’s alive. And it’s a shame. It’s a shame what’s happening to our country. This is election interference. They are doing things that have never been done in this country before.” Trump later called Biden “the worst President in the history of our country by far.”

He further slammed Mark Pomerantz, a former senior prosecutor on the Manhattan DA’s team investigating Trump, who in 2022 resigned in protest after District Attorney Alvin Bragg ended the investigation and went on to write a book on the topic. In the book, he claims the investigation “developed evidence convincing us that Donald Trump had committed serious crimes.” Pomerantz resigned after Bragg, just weeks into his first term in office, decided not to seek an indictment of Trump at that time.

He also slammed Matthew Colangelo, a former DOJ attorney, who previously led the New York Attorney General’s investigation into Trump and now leads Alvin Bragg’s hush money investigation.

Trump said “Biden and his thugs” are only doing this because they cannot win an election with his record of destroying our country and destabilizing the world.

TRUMP: That was done by Biden and his thugs, also, because they can’t win an election because of the borders, because of energy prices, because of inflation, because of Afghanistan, the worst and most embarrassing day in the history of our country. He can’t win because of Russia, Russia, Russia, because of all the problems because of Ukraine being attacked by Russia, and he can’t win because of the October 7 Attack of Israel, which he should have never allowed to happen; would have never happened if I were president. Ukraine would have never been attacked if I was president, and you wouldn’t have inflation if I was president. We didn’t have inflation. So all of these things, so what they do is they do election interference, which is court cases and let’s try and tie them up and let’s take as much of his money as possible.

So, we’re going through this weaponization of our government to try and knock out somebody’s political opponent. And so far based on the polls is not working at all people understand. We have a man who just ruled. They’d like to trial to start in 21 days or something. And I don’t know how you can have a trial that’s going on right in the middle of an election. Not fair. Not fair. It’s not fair at all. He knows that too. He’s a Democrat judge he wants to do that because they’re all trying to damage Trump as much as possible.

Trump attorney Todd Blanche also chimed in, “We very much believe that starting this trial in April, or even starting this trial at any point before the election, is completely unfair to President Trump.” He continued, “It’s completely unfair to the American people who are evaluating who they want to be the next president, and we’re going to continue to fight. We’re going to continue to do everything that we can to defend President Trump in that courtroom.”

“The date that Judge Merchan held today, April 15, is not a date we should go to trial, and we’re going to continue to fight.”

Clifford Robert, Trump’s attorney in the Letitia James witch hunt, commented on the bond reduction, “We’re gratified by the appellate division’s decision today, which shows that there still is a rule of law in New York and that the Appellate Division is following it.”

Trump accused Engoron of creating “a fraud in order to help his narrative and her narrative because he does whatever she [Letitia James] wants,” noting that he fraudulently valued Trump’s 20-acre Mar a Lago club at $18 million. “The judge, really, what he’s done is fraudulent.”

Trump then took questions from the dishonest reporters in attendance to end the press conference.

Watch below via C-span:


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