Former Cards Slugger Jim Edmonds Angers the Wokes Saying Indians, Redskins Were 'Cool' Names

Former MLB great and current Cardinals broadcaster Jim Edmonds raised the ire of the radical left on Thursday night after he dared to say that sports teams with Native American nicknames, such as Indians and Redskins, was a “cool thing.”

Edmonds made the comment during the Astros-Cardinals game as he and fellow broadcaster Chip Caray discussed renaming sports franchises. Edmonds remarked that he had no issue with teams having Native American mascots. In fact, he actually thinks it’s a “good thing.”

“I always thought it was kind of a cool thing, not a bad thing, to have a team named after the Indians or vice versa, whatever, the Washington Redskins,” Edmonds opined.

Edmonds added, “I actually got quite a few messages on social media about some of the teams, and then, you know, it’s really funny when people reach out to you and say, ‘Hey, I’m from this area, and we really love our baseball here.’

“And somebody else will say ‘Yeah, I wish they had the old name that they used to have.’ It’s just funny to hear everyone’s opinion.”

Well, guess who thought it wasn’t fun or funny to hear everyone’s opinion? A bunch of liberals on Twitter, that’s who. Edmonds was promptly blasted by many who didn’t appreciate his opinion at all.

Of course, all Edmonds is guilty of is agreeing with what 90 percent of Native Americans believe. A 2016 Washington Post poll found that 9 in 10 Native Americans were not offended by the term Redskin. But, in the end, the left didn’t care what Native Americans wanted or thought, and they still don’t.


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