FNC's MacCallum to GOP Rep. Mace: Isn't Getting Something on Border Better Than Getting Nothing?

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum said Monday on “The Story” that “getting something” in the bipartisan border deal is better than nothing while interviewing Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC).

MacCallum said, “We’re all trying to figure out this bill. Have you read all 370 pages of this bill?

Mace said, “We’re working through it. We have about 50 pages more to go. From what we can tell and i’m going to put forth a statement once we finish reading the bill, the measures that we feel are extremely undesirable that keep our border open, that water down the asylum system. It’s not good for the country.”

MacCallum said, “They say the opposite, that’s why I’m asking. Obviously Senator Lankford and his colleagues worked hard to negotiate something. It’s hard to do some actual negotiation. They say no new asylum claims will be allowed. Anybody crossing would be removed.”

Mace said, “Based on what?”

MacCallum said, “Hold on. He said this ends the whole idea of I made it to the U.S. soil and now you have to process me. It increases detention boards, doubles the deportation flights and add $650 million to expand the border wall, which is the same language and funding that is in HR-2. So, you know, isn’t getting something better than getting nothing because this problem isn’t going away?”

Mace said, “No when you have a loophole on the other side on the very next page in the bill that puts a squash on any of that.”

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