Exclusive — Tim Scott on Donald Trump VP Rumors: Need 'Single-Minded Focus'

Former President Donald Trump makes invisible Americans feel seen, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday, explaining why the former president is the right man for the job and addressing what Trump needs to look for in a running mate.

“Number one, to every American who feels invisible, President Trump makes us seen. Every person that feels like their voice is never heard, he makes a loud sound on our behalf,” Scott, who formally endorsed Trump on Friday, said.

“What we see in the halls of Congress are negotiations and the aftermath of the greatest invasion across our southern border in American history. By the time we get to November, Matt, there will have been ten million illegal immigrants crossing our border, and under the Biden administration, 95 percent have been allowed into our country. That is an invasion,” Scott said, laying out how bad things have gotten under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

“That is just awful, undeniable, terrible for American safety…So what do we do? Don’t negotiate around the edges,” Scott said, explaining that Trump brings a “confidence” to the table when negotiating crucial items, such as border security.

“The thing that’s missing is confidence and what President Trump brings to the table when negotiating about border security, the track record. Last month, last month, 300,000 people crossed our border illegally. When President Trump was in office, the number was 90 percent lower. Not ten percent lower, not 50 percent lower — 90 percent lower,” Scott said, contending that Trump creates confidence in Washington, DC, when facing these issues.

Further, Scott said it is time for Republicans to coalesce behind Trump.

“I think what President Trump needs from Republicans is a unified party with one thing in mind: making him president,” Scott said when asked if he would consider being Trump’s vice president, should the likely nominee ask him.


“Any conversation about other members of our party being a part of the ticket only creates splinters within our party. The way we unify Republicans is by unifying on the vision of keeping America safe, making America the greatest nation on the planet again, and making sure that the conservative principles that undergirded human flourishing for my entire life and the life of our amazing country become reality again,” Scott said. “That means single-minded focus.”

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