Exclusive — MI Senate Candidate Mike Rogers: 'You Bet' There Will Be a Bloodbath in Auto Industry If Biden Wins

Electric vehicle mandates will be a huge subject of debate in the next presidential election, Trump-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rogers of Michigan (R) said during an interview on Breitbart News Daily, explaining that there is a huge split in the union coalitions and warning that there absolutely will be a “bloodbath” in the auto industry if Joe Biden wins and continues his EV mandates.

Rogers explained that union workers and auto workers in general are starting to wake up and see a very clear difference as President Biden pushes EV mandates as part of his greater Green New Deal pursuit. He noted that Michigan is slightly different than other states as well in that most will not have this “kind of robust debate” on the EV mandates, as Michigan has a large network of jobs in the auto industry.

“We will here in Michigan,” he said. “It’s 40 percent less labor. It’s not necessarily better for the environment, and it puts us dependent on — 1/7 of the United States economy — on the Communist Party of China,” he explained, noting that 85 percent of the EV process “happens through China.”

Therefore, Biden’s EV mandates are also “jeopardizing our national security,” he continued.


“And so workers here see that and they don’t — nobody believes this is the right thing to do, for the government to tell you what kind of car you drive,” he said, later adding, “We’re seeing a skewed split in that coalition here in Michigan and we’re going to take advantage of it, and they love Donald Trump here for sure.”

Speaking directly to union members who have always voted Democrat, Rogers urged them to “vote for your pocketbook this time” and “send the Democrats a message that they cannot take you for granted any more.”

“And my argument to the union folks is listen, you know, by the way, if you care about the environment, and on this EV mandate, the government’s basically saying we’re going to take 40 percent of your jobs and make you drive a car that you don’t want to drive. We don’t have to do it that way,” he said, pointing to the absurdity of making the Chinese “the most important car makers in the world by mandating electric vehicles.”

“And I think the UAW workers are starting to say, ‘Wait a minute,’” Rogers continued, confirming that there will, in fact, be a “bloodbath” in the auto industry if Biden has his way.

“Yes, it will. If you’re an auto worker, if you’re a second and third tier auto worker supplier here, you bet it does. It will be a bloodbath. That means your jobs are going away. Now when you lose your job and your ability to take care of your family, I don’t care what anyone says — that’s a bloodbath,” Rogers said, adding that he agrees with Trump’s language here.

“You have to understand the rhetoric that the President uses is trying to draw attention to something that will be devastating to, certainly Michigan working families, and across the country,” he added.

The interview comes amid reports of Biden doubling down on EV mandates, issuing a rule with the goal of phasing out gas cars.

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