Exclusive: GOP Alliance to Boost 2024 Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Results

Citizens Alliance, a grassroots organization, launched an initiative on Wednesday dubbed “Pennsylvania Chase” to increase Republicans’ 2024 mail-in voting results in Pennsylvania, documents exclusively obtained by Breitbart News show.

The initiative is in response to failed efforts by establishment Republicans to match the Pennsylvania Democrats’ mail-in ballot tactics that regularly produce election victories.

Citizens Alliance says Pennsylvania Chase plans to knock on 500,000 doors to boost mail-in ballots by 33 percent, a percentage that will likely turn the state red in Senate and presidential races:

  • 2020: Republicans received just 23 percent of mail-in ballots
  • 2022: Republicans received only 20 percent of mail-in ballots

Cliff Maloney, CEO of Citizens Alliance, told Breitbart News that prior and current efforts, such as the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Bank Your Vote, are inadequate to produce GOP victories:

  • Enough with the excuses, it’s time for action. We’re facing a major challenge in my home state of Pennsylvania and we can’t afford to sit back any longer.
  • Today, we’re launching The Pennsylvania Chase, a grassroots effort led by Citizens Alliance with a simple mission: knock on 500,000 targeted doors to chase Republican ballots.
  • No fancy presentations or talking points. Just boots on the ground, because it’s time to level up and beat the Democrats at their own game.

Republicans failed to secure key wins in recent Pennsylvania elections. Former President Donald Trump lost the state to President Joe Biden in 2020 by about 80,000 votes. Sen. John Fetterman (D) defeated Republican Dr. Oz by about 263,000 votes in 2022. Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) beat the GOP’s Douglas Mastriano by 790,000 votes in 2022.

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