Exclusive — Bernie Moreno: 'Disgrace' Republicans Could Tolerate 5,000-Plus Illegal Immigrants a Day in Border Bill

Ohio Senate Republican candidate Bernie Moreno said on Breitbart News Saturday that it is a “disgrace” Republicans could even tolerate 5,000-plus illegal immigrants per day, saying Republicans should have “zero tolerance” for illegal immigration.

Moreno spoke to Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle as the Senate could vote on a controversial border bill as soon as Wednesday, even though bipartisan lawmakers have yet to unveil the bill’s text.
Even though the American public has not seen the legislative text, conservatives remain alarmed by the parameters of the deal, which could allow more than 5,000 illegal immigrants into the nation per day.

Moreno said, “No deal is better than a bad deal. The reality is, if the reports are true of what the Republicans have negotiated into this deal, it’s a disgrace. Because what we’re saying is we’re going to have tolerance for 5,000-8,500 illegal immigrants a day, where the reality is we should have zero tolerance for illegal immigration.”

“The fact that Republicans are even considering caving to the Democrats and allowing illegal immigration and opening the door to amnesty is insanity,” he added.

Moreno continued, noting that America’s elites have sold out the working class.

He explained, “As you know, the elites have let us down. The elites, who thought they knew better than we did. The elites, who have put us into endless wars. The elites, who have sold out our middle class so we can buy cheap things from China and make them fabulously wealthy.”

“They let us down. The elites who have our kids put on a uniform and fight and die for this country in a war that doesn’t benefit America but does benefit giant multinational corporations,” Moreno remarked. “We saw that in the financial crisis in 2008, we saw that with the endless war in the Middle East. President Trump stood up and the moment he came down the escalator, shocked the entire establishment, saying that the party’s over, and we’re going to put the people back in charge of this country.”

Moreno continued, “We’re going to put the interests of America first, we’re going to grow our middle class, we’re going to bring prosperity and economic prosperity to this country. That’s what the people expect and what we will give them.”

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Sean Moran is a policy reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


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