EPIC VIDEO: Far-Left CNN Gets Played By Two Men During Live Hurricane Coverage in Florida (VIDEO)

While Category 3 Hurricane Idalia raged along Florida’s coastline, CNN was on-site to deliver their ever-dramatic storm coverage. In a twist of fate, two local men in inflatable duck turned the channel’s news segment into an unintentional farce.

As the CNN reporter stood dramatically in rain gear, attempting to convey the severity of the storm in Tampa, two men casually kayaked by in the background, stealing the limelight and undermining the network’s narrative.

“So we’re going to step away from the seriousness of this storm for just one second. You got to bear with me, because this is something you don’t see every day,” said Derek Van Dam during the live coverage.

“Literally, this is a very new way to beat rush hour traffic on Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa. I mean, look at that. I don’t want to minimize the serious nature of this storm, but this is what people are dealing with in Tampa as we speak,” he added.


Raw Alerts reported, “Many people have taken shelter in Tampa, Florida, as the powerful Category 3 Hurricane Idalia makes landfall on the northwest coast of Florida. This storm has caused catastrophic storm surges, resulting in significant flooding and damaging winds. However, some Floridians have chosen a unique approach to the situation. While some are riding their bikes through waist-high water and others are paddleboarding, there are those who want to take it to another level.Some have even ventured out on a large inflatable duck. As they say, it’s just another normal day in Florida.”



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