EPIC. President Trump Tells Liberal Prosecutor During Deposition that E. Jean Carroll Is Not His Type – “And Neither Are You” (VIDEO)

CNN released a video of President Trump’s deposition in the E. Jean Carroll trial on Friday. Evidently, it is another leak by politicized attorneys to the liberal media who gladly share this tidbit with their dwindling audience.

During the deposition, President Trump once again announced E. Jean Carroll is not his type.

E. Jane Carroll was 60 when she claims President Trump raped her in a department store. She also claims he was buying her lingerie.

Read the Vanity Fair piece on E. Jane Carroll and ask yourself – Is this woman stable.

President Trump told the court: “It never took place and I will tell you, I made that statement, while it’s politically correct, she’s not my type, and that’s 100 percent true, she’s not my type.”

Trump then told the prosecutor she is also not his type.
President Trump, “You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either… I would not, under any circumstances, have any interest in you.”!


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