EPIC! President Trump Releases Second “Visiting Angels” Video to Roast Lost and Confused Joe Biden

President Trump releases his second ‘Visiting Angels’ campaign ad on Saturday roasting lost and confused Joe Biden.

President Trump is on a roll today.

The Republican nominee for US President released his second “Visiting Angels” themed campaign ad roasting lost and confused Joe Biden.

This comes after Old Joe lost his way again yesterday during a so-called campaign stop in front of a couple dozen supporters in Michigan on Thursday.

WATCH: Shocking Video of Joe Biden in Michigan Looking Lost and Needing Assistance Emerges After His Handlers Shut Out Press at Campaign Event

Here is Trump’s latest Visiting Angels ad.

President Trump released a similar ad in February starring Old Joe and octogenarian Nancy Pelosi.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila previously reported, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were spotted holding hands and shuffling across the tarmac in San Francisco like nursing home patients toward Marine One last month.

President Trump responded to the footage with an epic troll job of both demented clowns.

Trump’s Instagram account late Thursday altered the video of the two octogenarians shuffling toward Marine One to show them approaching a “Visiting Angels” assisted living facility before disappearing from the screen.

The “Visiting Angels” theme song plays in the background throughout the video.



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