Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Disrupted by Wicked Pro-Palestine Protesters (VIDEO)

A group of protesters advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza disrupted a solemn Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday evening.

The demonstrators, who earlier had assembled in Times Square for a pro-Palestine rally, entered the iconic church during the Easter Vigil service, chanting “Free, free Palestine” during the liturgy.

The incident occurred during the second reading of the service, as thousands of worshippers gathered to observe one of the most important celebrations in the Christian calendar. Eyewitnesses described a sudden interruption when a small group of individuals began to chant loudly.

The protesters were identified as affiliates of Extinction Rebellion NYC’s Palestinian Solidarity group, The New York Post reported.

They were seen carrying a flag emblazoned with an olive tree and the stark message “SILENCE = DEATH.” The disruption was short-lived as the individuals were promptly escorted out of the cathedral by security.


Daily Mail reported:

Horrified onlookers remained in their pews as the group was led outside. Some rose to their feet, while others pointed cellphones at the ruckus, cameras rolling.

As they were ushered away, heads began to turn as a chant rang out: ‘Free, free Palestine!’

One protestor, identified only as Matthew M., said he believed churches calling for an end to the conflict in Gaza could ‘make a difference.’

‘The United Nations Security Council calling for a ceasefire is a good start, but churches making ceasefire statements is also a part of the solution,’ he said.

Since the start of the war in the Middle East, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has called for peace and decried the mass casualty of civilians.

The Archdiocese of New York has not released an official statement regarding the incident at the time of reporting. The Easter Vigil is traditionally a time of reflection and celebration within the Christian faith, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The intrusion by the pro-Palestine group has reignited debates on the intersection of activism and worship, and the sanctity of religious services.

One Twitter user wrote, “No Christian will do this for Muslim worshippers in their mosque. This is disrespectful and an insult to Christianity.”

Another user commented, “Imagine if Christians walked into a Mosque and held up a pro-Israel banner?”

Another one wrote, “For anyone whose unaware, protesting and high jacking peoples religious holidays will typically make them more against you, than for you. Keep it in public areas, approved for protesting, stop breaking the law.”


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