Donald Trump Holds Tele-Rallies for Daniel Cameron in Kentucky, Tate Reeves in Mississippi as Tuesday Governor Elections Loom

Former President Donald Trump held two tele-rallies for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) in their respective gubernatorial races.

Illustrating Trump’s hard work and dedication, the former president gave brief remarks at the tele-rallies despite having been in court all day in New York.

When discussing Daniel Cameron, who shot to stardom after his rousing speech at the 2020 RNC convention, the former president said that Cameron would save the state of Kentucky from the grips of Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear.

“A vote for Daniel Cameron is a vote for Trump, and it’s a vote against Biden, and it’s a vote to save the state of Kentucky, the great commonwealth of Kentucky, from Beshear. Beshear has been an absolute disaster,” Trump said.

The former president noted that Cameron would be tough on crime and halt attempts by the radical left to have men compete in women’s sports.

“Beshear wants to let men into women’s sports. Daniel will keep men out of women’s sports. By contrast, four more years of Andy Beshear would be a catastrophe for Kentucky,” he said.

As noted by the Hill, the latest polls show Cameron and Beshear virtually tied in the Kentucky governor’s race:

An Emerson College Polling survey found Beshear and Cameron tied at 47 percent, with 4 percent of respondents saying they were undecided and 2 percent saying someone else.

The poll noted that the match-up shifts to Cameron receiving 49 percent and Beshear receiving 48 percent when undecided voters are asked whom they’re leaning toward.

Beshear is fighting for a second term in office after narrowly winning his first term in 2019 against then-Gov. Matt Bevin (R), who was seen as popular in the state. Cameron, who has been endorsed by former President Trump, has sought to hit the Kentucky Democrat on COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and transgender-related legislation that Beshear vetoed.

During the tele-rally for Reeves, Trump said that the current governor would continue to keep the state free of the “radical left” backed by President Joe Biden’s endorsed candidate, Brandon Pressley.

“They’re trying to get Brandon Pressley into office so they can force their extreme agenda of open borders and gender ideology down the throats of people from Mississippi, and we’re not going to let that happen,” Trump said. “Tate Reeves has my complete and total endorsement. This is your chance to send a message to Crooked Joe Biden.”

Current polls show that Reeves has a fairly solid pathway to victory for reelection, even though Pressley has been a formidable challenger.

“The nonpartisan election handicapper Cook Political Report shifted its assessment of the gubernatorial race last week from ‘likely’ to ‘lean’ Republican,” noted the Hill.

“Reeves ‘still has the edge,’ analyst Jessica Taylor wrote for Cook Political Report, but Presley’s ‘unusually strong challenge” status has made the race ‘a competitive fight with added intrigue.’”

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