Disgusting: Anti-Israel Protestors Scream “Shame on You” at Patients and Staff at New York Cancer Center and Pediatric Hospital

Anti-Israel protestor leads crowd in chants of “Shame” directed at cancer patients and children. Image: @DannyMMorris/X

On Monday, thousands of anti-Israel protesters marched in New York City for a “Flood Manhattan for Gaza MLK Day march for healthcare.”

Organized by Within Our Lives Palestine, one of their targets during the march for “complicity in genocide” was Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, renowned for their care of cancer patients and for their pediatric hospital.

One protestor pointed at the hospital and shouted through a bullhorn, “Another complicit institution, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center,” while the crowd yelled “Shame!”

The footage shows the agitator pointing to the windows where staff, cancer patients battling for their lives, and young children stood looking out at the crowd, “Make sure they hear you. They’re in the windows.”

In one video, children can be seen looking out the window.

The protesters also targeted Mt. Sinai Medical Center for “supporting Zionism” and “genocide.”

According to The New York Post,

One Jewish resident on the Upper East Side told The Post she was “terrified” after a pair of cops had to escort her and her small dog out of a chanting crowd near East 87th Street.

“I thought I was in Germany in 1939,” said the 74-year-old resident, who declined to give her name.

The woman was referring to the year Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, sparking World War II. Before 1939, his regime began arresting Jews and sending them to concentration camps.

“I’m astounded. I think it’s horrific,” she added.


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