Demons: Trans Activists Mock One-Armed Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton at Library Event by Bringing Stuffed Shark

Image: @riley_gaines_/X

Surfer Bethany Hamilton rose to fame after her remarkable recovery from a shark attack when she was thirteen.  The shark attack left her with one arm.

Her story was dramatized in the movie “Soul Surfer,” and she is the author of several inspiring books.

But for the sin of speaking out against men in women’s sports, transactivists cruelly mocked Hamilton at a recent appearance.

In 2023, Hamilton spoke out against the World Surf League, allowing  ‘male-bodied’ individuals, transgender women, to compete against women in professional surfing and vowed to refrain from competing in or supporting the World Surf League if this rule remains.


On Friday, Hamilton joined former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines for an event at a Missouri library.

The children’s story hour, sponsored by Brave Books, allowed the two women to share their inspirational books about overcoming adversity.

Riley Gaines and Bethany Hamilton at a Brave Books event in Missouri. Image:@riley_gaines_/X

Transgender activists protested the event, with one twisted activist mocking Hamilton by bringing a stuffed shark to mock the tragedy that cost her her arm.

Gaines spoke with Fox News, sharing it was just another example of “the left’s open-mindedness, tolerance, and acceptance on full display.”

From Fox News:

“This is the tactic they use time and time again. They want so desperately to mock, intimidate, and threaten those they don’t agree with into silence, but this was a step too far. I have no words to describe how messed up it is to directly mock Bethany Hamilton and her traumatic experience that cost her arm by bringing a shark to a children’s story hour. Dare I call this protester an ableist?” she reacted in a statement.

Gaines continued, “Bethany embodies a strong, courageous woman that is a role model for all. But at the end of the day, I’m glad those activists came out to the BRAVE Books story hour. They needed to hear the stories read even more than the kids.”

Brave Books CEO Trent Talbot told the Washington Examiner, “We’ve seen activists at almost every one of our story hours. Sometimes they’re noisy, sometimes they’re dressed in drag, but these were downright nasty.”

Adding, “The activist who showed up dressed as a shark to target Bethany Hamilton is a terrible person. Once again, those who claim they are most tolerant turn out to be the most callous.”


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