Dem Sen. Bennet: Dems Have 'Shifted Dramatically' Thanks to Migrant Busing, Border Chaos That's Partially Biden's Fault

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) stated that Democrats have “shifted dramatically” on immigration policy “because of what’s happened at the border” and what’s happening in cities like Denver. Bennet also stated that the failures of the immigration system are “the administration’s fault to some extent.”

Co-host Phil Mattingly asked, “There is a lot of discussion about what House Republicans will do if there is an agreement reached on immigration, but I’m interested, do you feel like where Democrats are on the policy, the willingness to make deals on specific issues, has shifted dramatically over course of the last several months because of the issues at the border you’re talking about?”

Bennet responded, “Yeah, I think it has shifted dramatically, and it should have shifted dramatically because of what’s happened at the border and when you see no national immigration policy and people like the mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston, who is trying to contend with a homelessness crisis that existed in Denver and the fact that there are now migrants that are showing up every single day from the southern border — by the way, not their fault, all they’re doing is trying to seek opportunity, but it is — again, it’s not their fault that we’ve got a broken immigration system. It’s Congress’ fault, and I think we see that — and the administration’s fault to some extent. I think we see that recognition and the most important thing we could do for the House is have a broad, bipartisan bill pass the Senate that’s serious and that shows that we’re going to contend with this set of issues on behalf of the American people.”

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