Dear Speaker Johnson – Two Months Ago The Gateway Pundit Examined J6 Footage in DC and Requested Explosive Video of Ray Epps Committing a Felony – The Committee Won’t Turn It Over – Please Help Us Expose This Video To the Public

Ray Epps was seen on video several times on Jan. 6, 2021, encouraging protesters to go to the U.S. Capitol, but he was not arrested for over two-and- a-half years.
Ray Epps was seen on video several times on Jan. 6, 2021, encouraging protesters to go to the U.S. Capitol, but he was not arrested for over two-and- a-half years. (Photo: Getty Images)

On September 13, Jim Hoft, Cara Castronuova, and Jordan Conradson from The Gateway Pundit traveled to Washington, DC after requesting permission to view the January 6, 2021 security camera footage captured by security cameras at the US Capitol that day.

The request was granted by the Committee on House Administration, currently led by the Republican Party.

The Committee allotted The Gateway Pundit three hours to peruse and examine the footage from that day inside the Committee for House Administration (CHA) Subcommittee Reading Room.

The Committee also placed a staff assistant to help us in navigating through the thousands of hours of footage. The assistant was very helpful.

Before entering the room, we knew exactly what footage to concentrate on. We requested camera angles capturing the crowds gathered outside the US Capitol that day.

The Gateway Pundit also knew we would focus our attention on the numerous tips offered to us by the January 6 prisoners and their families. As our readers know, The Gateway Pundit has told the story of HUNDREDS of J6 political prisoners, and our generous readers have raised up to $4 million for the families of those men and women who their government is persecuting.

During our investigation inside the CHA Subcommittee Reading Room, we observed infamous J6 protester Ray Epps participating in criminal activity.

We took notes and later requested video clips of this incident with the SBA officials.

The Gateway Pundit first officially requested the footage on September 18. We were told it would take a couple (two weeks) to get us the footage.

After a couple of weeks, we wrote back asking if our requested footage was ready. Our attorneys called the office.

We did not hear anything back from the committee. We called in October. We called and wrote the committee in November.

On Tuesday, Jordan stopped by the office to see if they had finished our request for footage. Our attorney wrote the committee. We called the office and a person actually answered the phone! We told the individual we had been waiting two months now for the footage. We also informed the committee The Gateway Pundit was going to publish an article on the delays for the content – footage that will 100% help the J6 prisoners and help Republican Party.

Recently, Lara Logan interviewed TGP’s Jim Hoft for her excellent series “The Rest of the Story” with Truth In Media. The Rest of the Story is created by a team of people, including Lara Logan (@laralogan), and Ben Swann (@BenSwann) of Sovren Media (@SovrenMedia) and Truth In Media (@Truth_InMedia).

We understand that Lara has nearly completed her next AMAZING episode and the segment is about for release. We understand the episode may include our discussion on Ray Epps. Lara Logan and her team also collected EXCLUSIVE footage of Ray Epps from January 6 that we have never seen before. She is preparing this episode now.

We were hoping to offer Lara Logan and her team this devastating footage that we requested from the Committee on House Adminstration two months ago. But, we don’t have it.

The Gateway Pundit also heard from at least one source that DHS may be blocking this request as it completely ruins their house of lies they have manufactured for the last 2 years. We have no confirmation on this.

** Today, we are asking our readers to reach out to the House Committee on House Administration and to ask the committee to please release the footage TGP requested.

** And a short note to Speaker Mike Johnson would help.

Thank you.

We hope we can expose this footage in the near future. Our goal is to courageously reveal the truth and to help those poor patriots who being persecuted by the current lawless regime.


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