Crazy Plane Lady Reveals What Caused Her “That Mother F***er Is Not Real!” Meltdown on American Airlines (VIDEO)

Credit: Pardon My Take Youtube Screenshot

Jim Hoft back in July previously reported that a crazy woman had an epic meltdown aboard an American Airlines flight back in July. Now she has finally revealed the reason why she lost her mind.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, 38-year-old Tiffany Gomas, who is a marketing executive from Dallas, Texas, screamed “motherf****r in the back is not real!”

Gomas was aboard on a flight from Fort Worth to Orlando, Florida on July 2, when the incident occurred. Jim Hoft revealed in August that TMZ caught up with her and tried to get her to comment on why she melted down but declined to do so.

A police report reportedly said Gomas unexpected outburst was instigated by an argument with family members she was traveling with. She supposedly accused them of stealing her AirPods.

Gomas explained during an interview Friday with Barstool’s Pardon My Take podcast that the reason she did not previously come out was because “it’s so cringe” before going on to detail what happened that fateful July day. She did not mention family members during the podcast and said she was arguing with one individual.


The marketing executive explained that she got into a “little bit of an altercation” with another male passenger and that “it spiraled out of control.” Gomas added it was not her finest hour.

It was not my best moment … it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying. How horribly mortifying.


When Gomas was asked to explain why she uttered those infamous words, she said it was just a figure of speech and she did not see a ghost or any other imaginary object.

I literally did not see anything … It was an expression of speech.

Gomas made clear her remark was solely directed at the male passenger she was having altercation with and complained about the how the press was portraying her.

They’re making me look bat sh*t … and given, I did, I did look absolutely crazy but, no. I was in my feels, needed to get that off that, I was highly distressed. Not a good look.

Gomas declined to go into deep details regarding the dispute but seemed to imply it may have been over seating, pointing out that she had previouslygiven up her aisle seat. She also made a reference to her short stature as a means of defending herself.

As you heard me saying, I’m only 5-2, in my little bratty-a** voice.


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