CNN Calls Tucker Carlson 'Right-Wing Extremist' After Former Host Announces New Show on Twitter

CNN called Tucker Carlson a “right-wing extremist” in a report about the former Fox News show host announcing Tuesday he would bring his show to Twitter to promote free speech.

The CNN report said: “Right-wing extremist Tucker Carlson announced Tuesday that he will relaunch his program on Twitter, which he praised as the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world after Fox News fired him late last month.”

CNN’s Twitter account also tweeted out that paragraph of the story.

The report also claimed that “Twitter has devolved in recent months into a chaotic platform where the traditional press has come under assault from the billionaire.”

The report also claimed that Carlson’s show’s ratings were high due to “trafficking of anti-immigrant rhetoric, false conspiracy theories, and the promotion of white nationalist talking points.”

The report also calls former Donald Trump “right-wing.”

The report received flak from prominent Twitter users on the right.


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