CNN Analysis Gives Trump The ‘Win’ Over Fox News Following Super Tuesday


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CNN doesn’t praise former President Donald Trump very much — even though he is terrific for the network’s ratings whenever he appears on the cable news legacy — but its senior media analyst did so last week after his landslide Super Tuesday victory.

Oliver Darcy used Trump’s wins to rap CNN’s biggest competitor, Fox News, to claim that Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party is “an outcome that Murdoch, the billionaire media mogul and one-time Republican kingmaker who controls Fox News, had hoped to avoid.”

“Murdoch has privately leveled harsh criticism against Trump. And after the 2020 election, he even wrote in an email to a Fox News executive, disclosed during litigation with Dominion Voting Systems,” he wrote, adding that Murdoch allegedly said: “We want to make Trump a non-person.”

Darcy went on to note that Fox did, in fact, turn away from Trump for some time and appeared to be backing or at least touting 2024 GOP presidential contenders like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and, until she suspended her campaign, Nikki Haley.

But now, however, with Trump being on a glide path to the 2024 Republican nomination, Fox will have no real choice but to cover him.


“Trump was not wrong in his assessment that Murdoch’s network certainly would have preferred to have had another candidate at the helm of the Republican Party,” Darcy wrote.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to surge in the polls and has surpassed President Joe Biden on issues a majority of voters are most concerned about.

The polling is from late February; several major outlets had Trump sailing past Biden, often outside the polls’ margins of error.

The Wall Street Journal noted:

In the latest Wall Street Journal poll ahead of the State of the Union address, Republican Donald Trump holds a narrow lead over Democrat President Biden in a head-to-head test of the expected 2024 presidential matchup, with 47% backing Trump and 45% picking Biden, a difference within the survey’s margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points. In December, Trump led by four points.

CBS News added:

As Super Tuesday makes an historic rematch all but official, voters are comparing not just two presidents, but two presidencies.

And right now former President Donald Trump emerges from that comparison as the frontrunner. He leads President Biden by four points nationally, his largest lead to date. Here’s why:

Voters recall the economy under Trump more fondly than they rate the economy now.

Even Fox News reported on its survey:

With eight months until Election Day, former President Trump carries voters who say either the economy or immigration is their priority voting issue, and this edge on the top two issues gives the Republican frontrunner a 2-point advantage over current President Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup. The poll also shows Nikki Haley, Trump’s last-standing Republican primary challenger, with an 8-point lead over Biden.

Meanwhile, a noted presidential historian had some bad news for Biden following his angry State of the Union Address regarding how he is likely to be viewed in the future by “honest” brokers.

Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley made his remarks about the current commander-in-chief in response to a new survey of “scholars” putting who put Biden ahead of the Gipper as the 14th “greatest president” in the history of the country.

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“It made me gag,” Shirley said, describing the “Presidential Greatness Project” experts as left-wing academics.

“Joe Biden is a terrible, terrible person. He is going to go down in history by honest historians as the worst president in American history,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“The idea that Joe Biden is a great president is just nonsense. It’s poppycock. It’s ridiculous. Name one thing that he’s been successful at other than spending money, and, by the way, any moron can spend money,” he told the Examiner.



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