Clown Show: Biden Regime vs. Biden Regime on the Middle East – 4 Months Apart… via Western Lensman

Not since the Obama administration has there been a president who has caused so much chaos in the Middle East.

Joe Biden is lighting the Middle East on fire after four years of peace agreements and no new wars under President Trump. Israel is under attack in the north and the south. Iran is emboldened thanks to the Obama-Biden policies and launching attacks across the region. Saudi Arabia is looking east for relations with China and BRICS. The Taliban is back in control in Afghanistan and fully armed thanks to Joe Biden. And US troops are under constant attack across the region.

There have been over 159 Iranian-backed attacks on US bases in the region since the October 7th massacre by Hamas in southern Israel.

There have been at least 159 attacks on US forces in the Middle East since Oct. 7, 2023. Three soldiers were killed in Jordan over the weekend in an Iranian-backed attack.

And the clown regime has absolutely no idea what is going on.

Here is Jake Sullivan in September 2023.

Jake Sullivan: The war in Yemen is in its 19 month of truce. For now, the iranian attacks against U. S. Forces have stopped. Our presence in Iraq is stable. I emphasize for now because all of that can change, and the Middle east region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.

And Here is weak Secretary of State Tony Blinken this week:

Tony Blinken: I would argue that we have not seen a situation as dangerous as the one we re facing now across the region since at least 1973.

What a clown show.
Via Western Lensman:


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