Close Call: Live WWII-era Grenade Discovered Inside Donation Box at Goodwill Store in Wisconsin

An employee at a Goodwill in Wisconsin was spooked after discovering a live WWII-era grenade inside a donation box.

The grenade was discovered at the Truth North Goodwill in Ashland, Wisconsin.

After making the discovery, employees at the Goodwill store placed the grenade between two dumpsters until authorities arrived.

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad detonated the grenade and was able to identify the grenade as a Japanese WWII-era grenade.

Per KARE 11:

An employee of a Goodwill store in northern Wisconsin made a startling discovery on Saturday.
They found a WWII-era grenade inside a box of donated items at the True North Goodwill in Ashland. The police were called and the store was evacuated.

“The grenade was placed outside the building between two dumpsters before authorities arrived on the scene,” according to a news release.

The Japanese-made grenade was safely detonated by the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad.

Authorities said no other weapons were found. The store reopened the next day.

Goodwill stores are a great place to find a good deal on clothes, appliances, books, and more, but in recent years, the thrift store chain has made some bad press.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported a human skull was discovered in a donation box in Arizona.


Human Skull Found in Arizona Goodwill Donation Box


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