Chip Roy: Why Are We Giving Money to Mayorkas then Go to the Cameras and Talk About Impeaching Him?

Friday, during an appearance on FBN’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) questioned the wisdom of funding government under the direction of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas while at the same time calling for his impeachment.

“First of all, I just met with one of those mayors, a mayor that represents a city in the district I represent,” Roy said. “And I talk to people all the time about what they’re dealing with in Texas. And I can assure you they’re not excited about what they’re seeing coming out of the Senate and the White House. And with all respect to the president, who said, I don’t think there are any sticking points. He has no idea what’s in this bill. He doesn’t know what’s actually being discussed in any real granular detail. Frankly, we only know bits and pieces coming out of the Senate. We have seen some of it, and it doesn’t do the job.”

“Look, it’s not about just restoring Trump policies,” he continued. “We actually need to enforce existing law and make sure the law is very clear so that it cannot be violated like it’s currently being violated. So, you ensure you will detain, you will remove, or you will stay in Mexico. That’s what we did in H.R.2. It’s not complicated. As long as you release people — Mayorkas has released 85 to 90 percent of all the people they’re encountering. We know those are not true asylum seekers. They’re just people who want to come to this country. I don’t begrudge them that.”

“But as long as you allow all of those numbers to come, you will never stop the crisis,” Roy added. “Texas is left holding the bag. So, yes, I oppose it. And I also oppose Republicans funding it. That’s what I said on the floor of the House yesterday. Why are we giving more money to Alejandro Mayorkas while we go to the cameras and talk about impeaching him so we can score points in campaigns, rather than doing our job to use the power of the purse that James Madison articulated was our power to stop an out-of-control executive? So that’s what I think we ought to do.”

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