Chicago-Area Man Accused of Tying Up, Beating Woman in Mom’s Basement After Meeting on Dating App

A Chicago-area man is accused of tying up a woman in his mother’s basement and beating her after meeting the woman on a dating app, Fox32 reported on Monday. 

Dolton police said the Riverdale man, whose identity has not been released, held the woman against her will since Sunday. Police are also conducting a rape kit to see if the man sexually assaulted her. 

The man allegedly took the woman to an Advanced Auto Parts store on Monday and sent her in to make a purchase. While she was inside the store, she approached the cashier “bruised and battered” and told them what had happened to her and that the man had a gun, police said.

Police said the man then came into the store, grabbed the woman, and forced her into a white vehicle.

“The two employees said they tried to stall, but couldn’t and wrote down the license plate after the man and woman took off. They then called police,” according to the report. 

Police were able to track the vehicle to the suspect’s mother’s home, where they found the woman tied up in the basement. The man’s mother was allegedly unaware that her son was keeping a woman in the basement, police said. Charges against the man are pending. 


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