CBS News Headline During Biden Speech Sparks Huge Response


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A CBS News headline that flashed briefly during a speech by President Joe Biden turned a lot of heads as it immediately went viral online.

The Friday speech took place as the president hosted the leaders from Japan and South Korea at the presidential retreat, Camp David. According to CNN, Biden used the occasion to show a unified front between him, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol against a rising China.

“Your leadership, with the full support of the United States, has brought us here because each of you understands that our world stands at an inflection point — a point where we’re called to lead in new ways, to work together, to stand together – and today, I’m proud to say our nations are answering that call,” Biden said.

CBS News posted a “WATCH LIVE” alert on the “X” platform, alerting followers to watch the speech, but the way in which Biden was referred to is what caught fire online.

“WATCH LIVE: Former President Biden holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea,” it said.

Several X platform users had fun with the gaffe with responses similar to this one:

Though obviously, the CBS News post was erroneous, a majority of Americans do worry about Biden’s age — 80 — as he heads into his reelection campaign.

A new Harvard-Harris Poll reveals that 55 percent of Americans “have doubts about his fitness,” compared to the 41 percent who believe “he is mentally fit,” of that composition, 76 percent of Democrats believe there is no issue with Biden’s mental health.

A separate poll found that Biden’s net approval rating decreased by over four points in the first half of 2023.

An Echelon Insights survey of 472 likely Democrat voters found that a whopping one-third said they would support another candidate other than President Joe Biden in a Democratic primary ahead of the 2024 election.

As for his summit, he sparked calls of “elder abuse” and worse after a video clip of him greeting two world leaders went viral on social media Friday.

As the summit opened, a camera focused on Biden, who walked slowly down a pathway to an area in front of the Camp David sign, where he stood for a few moments gesturing as Yoon and Kishida approached to shake his hand.

Biden’s gait looked slow and stiff, leading The Blaze’s X account to label the incident “Elder abuse.”

Other users joined in as well.

“The audacity of liberals to run this guy again is simply astounding,” one X user wrote.


“He walks like he either just s**t his pants or is trying desperately not to!” another quipped.

“Why is his gait so robotic? lol,” said another.

“And ‘they’ want us to believe he can carry on ANY real conversation w/them?” said yet another user.


Though the White House fiercely pushes back on any suggestion that Biden’s age is catching up with him, the administration has nevertheless made some behind-the-scenes changes to better accommodate and protect him from himself.

After a series of high-profile stumbling and falling on the steps leading up to Air Force Once, the administration has quietly changed Biden’s boarding method, reports said last week.

POLITICO noted in a story headlined, “Biden downplays age talk — but subtle accommodations are being made,” the bizarre appearance of Biden, who recently stepped off Marine One wearing tennis shoes without socks.

“The informality of the president’s wardrobe distracted from something else — something reporters who travel with him have been noticing for some time,” the outlet noted. “Biden boarded using the shorter set of retractable stairs that fold into the belly of the plane. The routine began a few months ago, the president increasingly avoiding the grander, more traditional doorway near the front of the aircraft on the main passenger level, higher above the tarmac.”


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