CBS CEO Admits Taylor Tomlinson, Late-Night Host Replacing James Corden, Is a Diversity Hire

The top boss at CBS said the decision to hire comedian Taylor Tomlinson to take over James Cordon’s time slot was due at least in part to the network’s desire to “have diversity both behind and in front of the camera.”

Taylor Tomlinson, who will be the first female comedian to host a major network late-night show, is set to begin her tenure on CBS’s After Midnight in early 2024.

In an interview with Variety, CBS CEO George Cheeks discussed the choice to hire the 30-year-old Tomlinson — who is a relatively unknown name to general audiences.

One of the reasons was the network’s desire to find someone who wasn’t another white male comic.

“One of the opportunities we see with the 12:30 spot is a chance to widen the aperture when it comes to format, when it comes to talent, making sure we have diversity both behind and in front of the camera,” he told the magazine.

CBS executives also felt Tomlinson was established enough with a certain group of viewers — apparently, Zoomers and millennials — and had a poise and competence beyond her years, according to Variety.

Stephen Colbert, who is an executive producer on the new show, said After Midnight will be less focused on current events than his own late-night show, and will be designed to be lighter in tone.

One thing is certain: Taylor Tomlinson has the right politics to succeed at CBS.

The comedian has targeted former President Donald Trump in her stand-up comedy routines, while also gushing over Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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