Capitol Police Deploy Barricades and Busses at Supreme Court Ahead of Trump Ballot Case Review — GOP Lawmakers Reportedly Missing in Action While Democrats Show Strong Presence

The United States Capitol Police have erected barricades and stationed buses in front of the Supreme Court building, ramping up security measures ahead of the highly anticipated review of the Colorado Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision to remove former President Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot.

Last December, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision to keep President Trump off the 2024 Primary ballot in the state.  The Colorado high court has been the only court to rule this way out of several decisions or dismissals in other states.

The legal theories are based on Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the US may be disqualified from public office.

Trump has not been charged with engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

The case was initially dismissed in November by Colorado District Court Judge Sarah Wallace but was later appealed both by the plaintiffs and Donald Trump.

The Colorado Supreme Court decision left President Trump the opportunity to stay the decision if he chose to appeal to the US Supreme Court before January 4th, which his legal team did.  This would ensure that he was eligible to be on the ballot at the time Colorado requires ballots to be printed for the primary races.

A week later, the Maine Secretary of State ruled that President Trump was ineligible from her state’s ballot but conceded that the US Supreme Court would likely have to interpret the 14th Amendment and its application.

In December, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in the case regarding the implementation of the 14th Amendment in this situation.

In a petition for Writ of Certiorari, Trump’s legal team argued the implications of leaving the interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the States, stating:

Vice President Harris, President Biden, and their staffs advocated for, marched with, and provided material support to rioters in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020.  These rioters stormed the White House, injuring police officers and forcing the President, his family, and his staff to shelter in a bunker.  They also killed people, took over government buildings, caused extensive property damage, and sought to establish alternative “governments” in the form of so-called “autonomous zones.”  If a state official believes that President Biden or Vice President Harris aided these efforts, he may eliminate President Biden and Vice President Harris from the ballot.  And all their past actions can be nullified as “ultra vires.”

One hundred seventy-seven members of Congress joined Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise in an Amicus Curiae Brief to the US Supreme Court in support of President Donald Trump in the Colorado case to remove Trump from the ballot.

Last week, the Supreme Court scheduled 10 minutes for Jenna Griswold to present her argument advocating for the exclusion of President Trump from the ballot in Colorado for both the primary and general elections.

SCOTUS announced that the court will allow for a divided argument in the Colorado Democrat’s case to remove Trump from the ballot in 2024 because he allegedly committed the famous insurrection on January 6.

Trump has never been charged or found guilty of committing this crime. And he never will be charged with insurrection because the Deep State and Democrats do not want the American public to discover what really happened that day and the planning before the protests that day.

A divided argument took place: A total of 80 minutes were allotted.

  • 40 minutes for the petitioner
  • 30 minutes for the respondents, Anderson, metal.
  • And 10 minutes for crazy Jenna Griswold.

Today, at 10:00 AM Eastern, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in President Donald Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that restricts the Republican candidate from appearing on the state ballots based on their opinion of his role in the January 6, 2021 protests.

Ahead of Trump ballot case review, the U.S. Capitol Police have erected barricades and stationed buses in front of the Supreme Court building early this morning.

“Anti-Trump protesters have arrived outside of the United States Supreme Court this morning. They can be seen in this video shouting “TRUMP IS A TRAITOR” at the lawyers as they walked into the court. Today SCOTUS is reviewing the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove Trump from the ballot,” Laura Loomer, who is on the scene, wrote on X.

“US Capitol Police are bringing in busses and parking them in front of the US Supreme Court this morning ahead of the Court’s review of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot,” Loomer added.

“This is a monumental case that will set precedent for other states that are trying to REMOVE President Trump from the ballot under section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Democrat agitators and paid protesters are on site with their anti-Trump signs and matching banners,” she concluded.

According to Laura Loomer, “It’s almost 11 am and the House and Senate Republicans are MIA while the Democrats are well organized outside the Supreme Court.”

Among the GOP, only Senators Marsha Blackburn and Tommy Tuberville made appearances. Senator Roger Marshall was also present.

Loomer wrote, “This is pathetic. Every Republican in House GOP could have walked 200 feet and done the same, but they don’t want to support Trump. It’s literally a 2 minute walk and these people are just so lazy. The House GOP is an embarrassment. I know people are mad at me for attacking Republicans but I don’t give a shit. And this is a perfect example of why I attack Republicans. I support Trump and I am going to only support Trump. I don’t support the Republican Party anymore. They are a joke. And they should be ashamed of themselves for not showing up to support Trump today. THIS IS YOUR JOB House GOP Senate GOP!!!! I HOPE TRUMP REMEMBERS THIS WHEN YOU ALL BEG HIM FOR HIS ENDORSEMENT IN THE NEXT 9 MONTHS!”

Here’s a video of Sen. Tuberville and Sen. Marshall outside the Supreme Court:


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