“Can’t Even Follow Simple Walking Directions” – In Poland Biden Wandered Off Again – Had to Be Redirected

Joe Biden lost it in Poland.  Since bamboozling his way into the White House, he’s been destroying America’s reputation one step at a time. 

Biden is not only incompetent and corrupt, he is failing.

We saw this again this past week in Poland.  Biden couldn’t even make it up the stairs again.

Here was Biden in Poland after his trip to the region attempting to show the world America’s strength and power.  The senile old man is reading his notes that are leading the US and the world into World War III and then, he couldn’t even make it up a small set of stairs into Air Force One to fly home.

This incident destroyed his entire trip.  It showed weakness.  It was embarrassing.   His whole gang knows it.  It was a disgrace.

What an Embarrassment! Joe Biden Falls Up The Stairs Of Air Force One… AGAIN! (VIDEO)

It turns out that this wasn’t Biden’s only weak moment.  When  inspecting the Guard of Honor in Warsaw,  he couldn’t even stay on the red carpet.

Far-left Newsweek even reported on this one.

Taking footage from Ruptly TV, some social media users like Matt Clark of Patriot One News shared a 12-second clip that showed President Biden’s awkward moment.

“Oh FFS! Biden can’t even follow simple walking directions while inspecting the Guard of Honor in Warsaw, Poland,” Clark wrote before addressing the president. “You’re supposed to stay ON the red carpet dummy!!”

…Clark wasn’t the only one who was scathing in his assessment of Biden in Poland. “Someone come get their pappy,” wrote the Twitter Blue subscriber Matt $RPatriot, as he claimed Biden looked “to be in a state of trance and lost.”

…This latest clip of Biden, which was criticized by some, came after many had speculated Biden fell down the stairs of Air Force One after a blurry video showed someone tumbling down the steps. Newsweek confirmed that the person seen falling wasn’t the president after a different video, shared to YouTube by ABC News, showed that Biden walked down the steps of the plane without falling…

Here goes Joe again…

President Trump has called for Biden to be tested for competency.  The American people, and the world, know that he is not able to do the job.  We need to know who is running the country.  The top bets are Obama, Soros and China.  The US in a state of national emergency and the corrupt media is again not reporting the truth – this time about Biden’s health and who is running the country.

In Wake Of Biden Gaffes, Trump Calls For “Full And Complete Mental Competency Test” For Presidential Candidates

It is clear that Biden can’t make it out of bed at night and into the bathroom without help, who is running this country?


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