Brooks: Putting Trump's Trial the Day Before Super Tuesday Is 'Irresponsible' and Will Block out Other Candidates

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that scheduling 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump’s federal trial over the 2020 election is “irresponsible” and will make it “impossible for any other Republican candidate to get some traction in that circumstance.”

Brooks said, “I have a real problem with the way they have scheduled the pre-Super Tuesday. I understand that the people in the judicial system don’t want to be political, but to be completely oblivious to politics and the effects of their actions, seems to me, somewhat irresponsible. If it’s really — if it really do — does get held that day, then Trump will be under attack from the establishment the day before Super Tuesday. It will be impossible for any other Republican candidate to get some traction in that circumstance. And so, all these indictments have helped Trump. And so, you’ve got to think, okay, you do the indictments, I get it. He deserves to be indicted. But are you aware of what’s about to happen because of those indictments? And that’s one thing. It’s even worse to do it — scheduling. A lot of Americans are going to say, he allegedly did these things a bunch of years ago, they’ve politicized it, and then they schedule it right at Super Tuesday? They’re trying to destroy our man. We’ll rally around.”

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