BREAKING: Jim Jordan Expects Another Speaker Vote, Seeks Meeting with 20 RINOs: “I’m Still Running for Speaker” (VIDEO)

As the Republican Party grapples with internal divisions over who should take the helm as Speaker of the House, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan has sent a clear message: he is not backing down.

This comes amidst growing political tensions and the call to expand the powers of Speaker Pro-Tempore Patrick McHenry in a bid to “get on with the business of the American people.”

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier Thursday that Rep. Jim Jordan withdrew from the Speaker’s race today after 22 RINOs derailed his vote for Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Jordan was clearly the grassroots favorite, but the GOPe successfully blocked his attempt to lead the Republican Party.

The Republican lawmakers who prevented this will certainly face primary challengers as they should.

There will be no vote for Speaker again until January at least. Instead, he will back McCarthy ally Patrick McHenry as interim Speaker until January. That is three months from now.

However, Jake Sherman, the founder of Punchbowl News, has confirmed that Jordan has expressed a desire to meet with these 20 RINOs, and he expects another vote today.

During a press conference, Jim Jordan said he will still be running for House Speaker.

“I’m still running for speaker and I plan to go to the floor and get the votes and win this race, but I want to go talk to a few of my colleagues..”


Rep. Thomas Massie wrote, “Jordan isn’t backing down! After an open discussion in the GOP conference, Jordan says we shouldn’t bring a resolution to the floor to endow Speaker Pro-Tem McHenry with power to run the House. Our job is to elect a real speaker, Speaker Jim Jordan.”

Florida Rep. Scott Franklin told Max Cohen, congressional reporter of Punchbowl News, that “as a group we just decided that’s not moving forward,” referring to the McHenry temporary empowerment resolution. “Jordan’s gonna go make some more phone calls, we may see another vote today.”

Rep. Andrew Clyde, a Jordan supporter, also says he expects another speaker vote today.

Rep. Scalise declares his opposition to the motion that would authorize an interim speaker.

Rep. Emmer said, ““As I have made very clear over the last few days, we should never allow a Democrat-backed coalition government. Ever. The only coalition we should be looking to build is a Republican coalition uniting all of our conference.”

Eli Crane said, ““I know what my voters want. And I know what the American people want, and it’s Jim Jordan. I don’t think a lot of the people in this conference actually give a shit what the American people want.””

Rep. Pat Fallon also said, “And if we go through X amount of more votes, we go through X amount of more votes, but we can’t kick the can down the road and say we’re going to worry about this two months from now.”

Rep. Troy Nehls said he opposed the McHenry resolution & still wanted Donald Trump as speaker for 100 days.

This story has been updated with additional information. For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned to The Gateway Pundit.


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