Brazilian Political Prisoner Chief Serere Xavante Travels to his Uncle’s Funeral, Risks Being Arrested Again, To Become Chief of all Xavante Tribes

Chief Serere Xavante is a political prisoner in Brazil


The uncle of Brazilian political prisoner Chief José Acacio Serere Xavante passed away on Saturday at the age of 103. Serere was unsure whether he would be allowed to attend his uncle’s funeral due to the ankle bracelet he has to wear at the order of Brazil’s Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Serere Xavante was arrested on Dec. 12, 2022 for the crime of protesting and imprisoned without trial for nine months before his release Sept. 10. He thanked Gateway Pundit readers for their support, saying  “If it were not for you, I would be dead.”

Now his uncle Celestino Xavante passed away at the age of 103, Serere’ wife Sueli stated, but it was not clear whether Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes would allow Serere to attend his uncle’s funeral in Campinópolis in Mato Grosso state.

Serere lives in Aragarças, three hours away. Nonetheless, he traveled to his uncle’s funeral, not knowing whether he would be arrested or not, we are informed. His lawyer had filed a petition to let him go, but there was no response. Only after the funeral did he receive permission from Chief Justice de Moraes to go.

His lawyer has repeatedly requested Serere be freed from the his ankle bracelet, arguing that there is no reason for him to wear it. After a period of mourning, Serere will officially become the chief of the three Xavante tribes in Mato Grosso. If he were arrested again, it would endanger at least 5000 indigenous people, who would be left leaderless.

Serere must be freed from the ankle bracelet to carry out his duties for the tribes located 250 miles away from his authorized area. His lawyer, Dr. Geovane Veras, has requested  Serere be released from his ankle bracelet due to health reasons several times. He needs to undergo MRI and CT scans, but cannot do so because of the ankle bracelet. Serere’s serious health issues were aggravated in prison due to the lack of professional medical assistance. He shows signs of renal failure and difficulties in vision.

The Brazilian government has begin sentencing patriots to 14 to 17 years in prison, just like the J-6 protestors, for the crime or protesting and trespassing, as journalist Ana Maria Cemin documents. 22 have been sentenced since September, 6 trials are currently ongoing:



Trials up to October 2023


Trial dateDefendantSentence

In person

1.     Aécio Lúcio Costa Pereira17 years
2.     Thiago de Assis Mathar14 years
3.     Matheus Lima de Carvalho Lázaro17 years
09/25 to 10/01

Virtual trial

4.     Nilma Lacerda Barreiras14 years
5.     Davis Baek12 years
6.     João Lucas Valle Giffoni14 years
7.     Jupira Rodrigues14 years
8.     Moacir José dos Santos17 years
10/6 to 10/17

Virtual trial

9.     Edineia Paes da Silva dos Santos16,5 years
10.  Jaqueline Freitas Gimenez16,5 years
11.  Marcelo Lopes do Carmo16,5 years
12.  Cláudio Augusto Fellipe16,5 years
13.  Jorge Ferreira13,5 years
14.  Reginaldo Carlos Begiato Garcia16,5 years
10/13 to 10/23

Virtual trial

15.  Raquel de Souza Lopes16,5 years
16.  Felipe Feres Nassau3 years
17.  Cibele da Piedade Ribeiro da Costa Mateus16,5 years
18.  Charles Rodrigues dos Santos13,5 years
19.  Orlando Ribeiro Júnior3 years
20.  Gilberto Ackermann16,5 years
21.  Fernando Plácido Feitosa16,5 years
22.  Fernando Kevin da Silva de Oliveira Marinho16,5 years

Ongoing Trials


Trial dateDefendantJudge Moraes’ Demand
10/27 to 11/7

Virtual trial

23.  Fabrício de Moura Gomes17 years
24.  Eduardo Zeferino Englert17 years
25.  Rosana Maciel Gomes14 years
26.  Moisés dos Anjos17 years
27.  Osmar Hilebrand14 years
28.  Jorginho Cardoso de Azevedo17 years






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