Brazilian Chief Sererê Released from Prison, Thanks Gateway Pundit Readers: “If it Were Not For You, I Would be Dead”

Chief Sererê at home with his wife and family in Mato Grosso state


Brazilian Chief and Pastor Sererê Xavante, who was arrested Dec. 12, 2022 in the Brazilian capital in front of his family for the crime of protesting (Gateway reported), has been released under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. Chief  Sererê Xavante thanks Gateway readers for keeping international attention on his case. “If it were not for you, I would be dead,” the indigenous political prisoner said.

Chief José Acácio Sererê Xavante helped organize the protests against the election fraud perpetrated by convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brasilia, with hundreds of thousands of Brazilians protesting peacefully and prayerfully to try and save their country from the Hamas-, China- and Russia-loving Lula regime. Chief Serere helped organize protests at the Brasilia airport and a mall in November 2022 before he was arrested on the behest of Brazil’s de facto ruler, chief judge Alexandre de Moraes.

Chief Sererê being released from prison Sept. 9:

Chief Sererê has to wear an ankle braclet and is restricted in his movements. He can not leave the permitted area, not even to go to the hospital. He is forbidden to speak publicly, give interviews, or post on social media.

Nevertheless, he is happy to be out of prison, where the diabetic suffered a medical emergency and had to be hospitalized. Chief Sererê’s wife warned that his life was in danger.

Chief Sererê thanks Gateway Pundit and its readers for praying for him and not forgetting about him after nine months in jail for no real crime. “If it were not for you, I would be dead”, he said.

Judge De Moraes had promised a crackdown on the political opposition in Brazil even before his man Lula took office, saying, “There will be a lot more people to arrest” after Serere’s apprehension. After Lula took over, De Moraes jailed thousands of Bolsonaro supporters and clamped down on free speech in the country – much like the Biden regime did here in the United States.

Even the leftist New York Times wondered whether “Brazil’s Defender of Democracy” de Moraes is “Actually Good for Democracy?”:

“He has jailed people without trial for posting threats on social media; helped sentence a sitting congressman to nearly nine years in prison for threatening the court; ordered raids on businessmen with little evidence of wrongdoing; suspended an elected governor from his job; and unilaterally blocked dozens of accounts and thousands of posts on social media, with virtually no transparency or room for appeal.”

Opposition journalist Wellington Macedo has been arrested in Paraguay along with 2 other Brazilians living in exile there.

“The Brazilians who sought exile in Paraguay are being mass arrested, supposedly by Interpol”, a Brazilian activist told the Gateway Pundit. “We know of three individuals: Rieny Munhoz, a political activist; Wellington Macedo, a journalist; and Max Pitangui, a radio host and advertiser. They were deceived by the Paraguayan refugees agency CONARE, which was supposed to protect the refugees. September 13, the patriots with refugee status in Paraguay were summoned by CONARE for a supposed data update. It was a trap because the alleged Interpol was there to apprehend and escort them to the Friendship Bridge, where the Brazilian federal police were waiting for them. There are speculations these police officers may have been mercenaries.”




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