'Blindsided': Maryland Town Mysteriously Suspends Entire Police Force

A Maryland town’s entire police force has been mysteriously suspended, leaving residents completely “blindsided” without much explanation.

The commissioners of Ridgley, a small town of just under 1,900 people, placed every member of the police department on leave with pay on March 13, “pending investigation by the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor.”

According to an announcement from Commissioners Anthony Casey, John Hurley, and Leonard Buckle, the local government is “currently developing a temporary agreement with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department to guarantee uninterrupted public safety services for the citizens.”

They added that Ridgley residents can still call 911 for emergencies.

Caroline County Sheriff Donald Baker added that the Maryland State Police would help out as well, Fox News reports.

The state prosecutor’s office has not made any statement regarding the nature of the investigation or when it is expected to end.

A law enforcement source who spoke with WBOC claimed that a whistleblower accused Ridgley officers of not “properly disposing of surplus equipment, including guns and cars,” the outlet reported.

The insider also claimed that the investigation is looking into members of the department who were not properly submitting administrative reports and failing to complete background checks on new officers.

No official bodies have confirmed these reports, however.

Locals are quite skeptical of the entire situation.

“What’s very concerning is that they didn’t communicate with us in an honest and open way,” Laura Cline, a longtime Ridgely resident, said in a statement that Fox News obtained. “Treat us with respect. We’re adults — thinking, rational adults who deserve the truth.”

Local small business owner Holly Justice said, “We were blindsided. It makes you question the integrity of people who are supposed to protect and serve.”

“It doesn’t add up,” said Gennie Woo, another business owner. “Everybody is skeptical about what happened. We just want to know how and why.”

According to the department’s website, six officers were employed at the time of the mass suspensions.

“Despite concerns about the suspension of the police department, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office reported no increase in crime within the past week,” WBOC noted.


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