Bill Maher Mocks 'Bull**it' Trigger Warnings and Woke College Students: 'Like Wearing a Mask On Your Mind'

Comedian Bill Maher has had enough of trigger warnings and the woke college students forcing them on everyone.

In Friday’s episode of his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian castigated woke culture and its deleterious effects on the country, citing a study that found trigger warning not only don’t work but actually could be more harmful than helpful.

“People wonder why the younger generations have so much anxiety, it’s this stuff. Lots of stuff makes us uncomfortable,” he said.

“You know what makes me uncomfortable? This bullshit: People who start every conversation with ‘As a person who,’ ‘As a survivor of.’ I’m triggered every time I see a trigger warning, because I’m reminded of how weak my country has become. It’s like wearing a mask on your mind.”

Watch below:

Maher cited a 2022 study on trigger warnings written by three academics, including two from Harvard University. The analysis found that trigger warnings only increase a person’s anxiety levels and have no effect on comprehension.

“A trigger warning is a kind of ‘Close your eyes, here comes an ouchy’ that like so many bad ideas in recent years got started on college campuses,” Maher said.

“Students started demanding them so they could get ready in case something in a book, or a piece of art, or a history lesson reminded them that life included bad things and not just good and sometimes people were mean.”

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