Bill Barr: Trump’s 'Election Inference' Defense 'Silly,' 'Simply Wrong'

Former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that former President Donald Trump’s claim his indictments are election interference was “silly.”

Anchor John Roberts said, “Trump supporters say this is all political. This is meant to disrupt the primary.”

He asked, “So, what do you say about the date of the trial?”

Barr said, “I mean, the basic principle in the criminal justice system is if a prominent person commits a crime and is seeking office, that doesn’t give them immunity.”

He continued, “If there’s if there’s enough time to have it resolved before the election, it should be resolved. The idea that, ‘Oh, okay. Well, I’m sorry, we’ll let you get to run in the election and then after will address it.’ That’s not a principle of the criminal system.”

Barr added, “I mean, just think some mayor charged, you know, charged with massive embezzlement and he says, ‘Well, you know, it’s a year and a half to the election. Let’s put that on hold. While I run for reelection.’ It’s silly. It’s silly. Now, you can argue about whether he should have been charged and so forth. But the idea that this is interfering with the election is simply wrong.”

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