Biden’s History-Making Native American Judicial Nominee Botches Simple Legal Question Posed by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (VIDEO)

Credit: @JCNSeverino

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is a national treasure complete with an incisive wit and dry sense of humor. He has displayed these talents throughout his time in the Senate whether by stumping unqualified Biden nominees and or in interviews with reporters.

He once again put these talents to great use Wednesday by befuddling a leftist Biden District Court nominee named Sara Hill during her confirmation hearing Wednesday with a simple legal question. Hill had previously made history by being the first Native American woman nominated to serve as a federal judge in Oklahoma.

Hill previously served as the attorney general of Cherokee Nation prior to her nomination for the District Court. She also was the Secretary of Natural Resources for the Cherokee Nation.

Hill was given a warm introduction prior to her hearing by James Lankford, who along with fellow Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin previously nominated her for the bench.

But when Kennedy got his opportunity to question Lee regarding the U.S. legal system, she completely dropped the ball. She was asked to differentiate between a “stay order” and an “injunction.”

An order of stay indicates stoppage, arrest or suspension of judicial proceedings. An injunction is an order of the court compelling a person to do or not to carry out a particular action.

Hill had to pause to gather her thoughts before finally defining an injunction. But she has no clue what a stay order is thus leaving her unable to answer Kennedy’s question.


Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino aptly points out district judges have to handle injunctions and stays all the time. How can Hill hope to carry out her professional duties if she cannot answer a question a first year law student likely already knows?

Despite embarrassing herself, Hill will likely have no problem getting confirmed for a lifetime judicial position because Democrats and RINOs like Lankford will vote for her.


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